Pack It Up, Pack It In: Built To Last

73 Originals New Generation Backpack for Men and Women

Bags For All 
Since the early 70s our motto has always been "Pack For Life", but "life" isn't so easy to pin down, especially across nearly 5 decades! That's why we still produce as many of our classic silhouettes as we did in the early days, adapting each one as the years go on. For every lifestyle, there's a '73 Original pack ready and waiting to get out there with you!

Built to last
Whether you're skating down Melrose Avenue, trudging up snowy highlands or simply getting stuck into your college seminar, our universal packs are built to survive. For the thrifter at Rose Bowl, we've got our water resistant Super Duffel, constructed using a sturdy Cordura shell, premium mesh lining and a detachable shoulder strap allowing for seamless rail to pack motion. The grind for grails got easy real fast!

For the new-tech sports fanatic, we've got our iconic Trail Fanny Pack for men and women on the go. Perfect for fitting in the essentials and then some, this pack keeps your morning scoot stress-free and ready for anything.

Pairing Your Pack!
We're tired of matching our bags and accessories to our clothing. It's about time we flip the switch and pair our pieces to our packs!

Trail Fanny Pack Kalamata
For the neutral fans, we're giving the grey-green unisex Trail a worthy compliment. We're talking stone-washed jeans, mesh tank tops, oversized blazers and creepers. Each has its own identity without outshining the statement fanny pack.

Venice Tote Backpack Brindle
Crucial piece for an active day here. We need to make sure the hard work gets noticed. Luckily the Brindle color way allows for an easy merge of styles. Think Cher Horowitz with a PhD; bring in a wide-leg bottom, chunky trainers and a comfy vintage jumper to accentuate the bag that's keeping it all together.

New Generation Mini Backpack Orion Blue
Scaled down to suit a low-maintenance commute or a first day of school, the New Generation Mini Backpack keeps everything secure and doesn't draw unwanted attention with obnoxious branding. With a lifetime guarantee and a durable Cordura fabric, it's suited to any day and any age.

At the end of the day, these aren't set in stone and you can dress any way you like. What's eye-candy to some will be a lifesaver for others, so take some time with our look book and figure out which '73 Original you are.

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