Choosing the Perfect Bag for College

'73 Originals - Venice Tote Backpack for College

Starting college can be a daunting experience. For most, it involves moving away or at least moving out. You’ll be taking a whole raft of new classes, maybe trying a new sport or extracurricular activity, and facing an entirely new social scene. But it doesn’t have to be a totally nerve-wracking experience; it can be an insanely exciting one too, especially if you’re prepared. Here’s our guide to picking up the perfect pack so you can glide from packing to classes without even breaking a sweat.

The All-purpose Backpack
A good old-fashioned backpack is the best for your back if you’re carrying textbooks around all day - spreading the weight across both shoulders, not just one, is important when you’re toting heavy things around campus or cycling to and from lectures.

For the days you don’t have classes, it’s also great for grocery shopping - no more climate-unfriendly plastic bags! - and an uber-chill accessory in its own right. Our Venice tote backpack is ultra-versatile, with a detachable pouch in front for pens, an umbrella, makeup or headphones. Alternatively, our Canyon rucksack has an easy cinch closure and a main compartment for a laptop and plenty of textbooks.

The Gym Bag
For college athletes, keen travelers and anyone else who needs some serious space, a duffel bag can be a lifesaver. Its barrel shape maximizes capacity - perfect for gym trips, weekend stays or carry-on luggage.

The perfect duffel is lined, has plenty of internal pockets (ours has a shoe garage perfect for sneakers along with plenty of mesh pouches inside), and hard-wearing straps strong enough to cope with whatever you’re carrying. Gender-neutral, relaxed and multipurpose, it’s effective as a daily driver or an overnight bag.

The Mini
Sometimes you just don’t need a full-size backpack. For those days where you’re only carrying your phone, wallet and keys, a large backpack just isn’t right. A mini rucksack is light, unobtrusive and the perfect grab-and-go solution for everyday essentials.

Keep your everyday carry breezy and light, and pick from a cheery selection of colors or even a cool mesh design. With an 8.5-litre carry capacity, it’s still big enough to carry all the basics - a phone, full-size headphones, coin purse, keys, and even a tablet or book in the provided compartment. And you can say goodbye to holes or torn straps: it’s made from the same high-quality, hard-wearing materials as our larger bags.

Check out our range of luggage-friendly bags, college packs and more on our online store, and get prepared for the start of your next school year and beyond.






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