The Best Summer Packs for Your Next Adventure!

Jetting off on an adventure is exciting, but it's always important to stop and check that you have all of the essentials with you. Having the travel pack can make this task a whole lot easier and could add a significant amount of simplicity to the otherwise strenuous task of holiday packing. The best type of packs for summer are those that give you an abundance of space for your things whilst remaining light and easy to carry around whilst you explore. Luckily for you, the team at 73 Originals have taken time to bring to you the very best travel bags that you will find. Our packs use industry-leading design, high-quality materials and innovative ideas to make traveling easier than ever!

New Generation Backpack

The New Generation Backpack is a must-have for any frequent traveller or jet setter who needs a good hand luggage option. The bag contains a large main sleeve, laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve and an internal mesh pocket to store any loose items in the bag. You will be able to fit everything that you need into this handy accessory.

The New Generation Pack comes in a variety of vibrant colors, making it the perfect fashion accessory for your travels. Just because the bag looks nice doesn't mean that it isn't sturdy and robust. The bags are made with strong, high-quality fabric that will keep your belongings safe and last for years!

Venice Tote Backpack

Hikers are sure to love the Venice Tote Backpack, which is one of the brand's most versatile yet! This is a large bag, made for everything that you could possibly need whilst trekking through the country or backpacking from city to city. Those who work whilst they travel will be happy to know that the bag can fit a 15" laptop and it is made from a water-resistant material that minimizes the risk of your laptop getting damaged on your journey.

Sierra Day Pack

The Sierra Day Pack was made with functionality and style in mind. The bag comes with padded shoulder straps, making it the perfect accessory for a long walk or to carry heavier items that may place strain on your shoulders. It also has a large main component, laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, mesh inside pocket and two smaller outside pockets for maximum storage on the go. Overall, the bag has an impressive 17 liters of storage capacity!

You can check out our full range of summer travel bags and start your next adventure today!

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