Introducing: '73 Originals Apparel Collection!

Introducing: '73 Originals Apparel Collection!

When you want to feel cosy out on an evening walk, during an early morning jog in the park, or at home on the couch, there is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a soft, comfortable hoodie. The search for the perfect hoodie can be a tiring one. However, the search is now over thanks to '73 Originals.

The new line of hoodies and sweatpants by '73 Originals has hit the market. Previously acclaimed for their extensive and eclectic range of backpacks and bags, the brand's new apparel is set to revolutionize the market and allow everyone to find their favorite fit!

"From classic to crewneck"

There is a hoodie to suit every taste and fit in the new 73 Originals' clothing range. The Classic Hoodie comes in stylish black and features the original logo from the 70s, delivering a sense of timeless style that will enhance any outfit. Similarly, the Sandstone Hoodie displays the classic logo and boasts a beautiful rich hue.

Available in Alpine green, the Crewneck hoodie is a sensation of taste, style and comfort with a prominent 3D embroidered logo on the chest. For anyone wanting to stand out and present their unique sense of style, the Repeated Logo Hoodie is a must-have addition! The prominent silkscreen logo displayed on the front of the garment is eye-catching and original. With a handy hand warmer pouch, it seamlessly harmonizes fashion and functionality.

Of course, it is not just hoodies that have arrived to join the 73 Originals family. You can also purchase a pair of classic sweatpants too.

With every item in the line available in sizes extra small up to 2 extra-large, whatever your needs, there is a hoodie that will exceed your expectations.

"Superior style meshes with cozy comfort"

Gelling with the ethos of '73 Originals classic outdoor goods, the new items in the apparel line have a sporty edge to them. They make a unique and bold statement that is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

The high-quality clothes are made from a mix of cotton and polyester blend fleece and offer either prominent or subtle logo displays on the front of the hoodies or sweatpants. They are designed to keep the wearer warm and cosy whilst simultaneously making a statement of style.

Offering a sense of versatility, the hoodies can be worn at many different times and places. They are equally perfect for wearing at home during a relaxing night in, out on an adventure in the woods or mountains or when making a long journey. Thanks to the fleece-lined interiors, they are warm and snuggly but they don't sacrifice an ounce of style to produce this exceptional comfort.

"Newest chapter in a rich history"

Since 1973, '73 Originals has been creating, designing and producing the highest quality packs that have held the world in awe. With a sense of style that is rooted in exceptional quality, a modern perspective and the freshest colors, the company has been producing outdoor gear and accessories that have become popular globally.

This new range of apparel is a new angle for our business and brings a welcome addition to the popular range of packs that are available. These hoodies and sweatpants are more than just items of clothing. They represent a love for the outdoors, a desire for adventure and a craving to explore the world of fashion from a different perspective.

"Old meets new"

When wearing these hoodies on a long hike in the woods, on a camping adventure or simply on a trip to the store, they are perfect for accessorizing with some of the other existing items in the '73 Originals range. The colors and styles of the '73 Originals mini backpacks and tote bags tone and blend perfectly with the new hoodies and sweatpants for an overall look that will make a definitive statement. This line will make anyone lucky enough to own one the envy of all their friends and is truly an amazing fashion statement with a difference!

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