The Best Bags and Packs for 2021

No outfit is complete without a good bag or pack that can carry everything whilst still looking stylish. Whether you are looking for the best packs for traveling, college packs or maybe even fanny packs, 73 Originals has you covered! This article will guide you through the best products from our range that you must have this summer!

The Trail Fanny Pack

The Trail Fanny Pack is the best fanny pack for all of your summer 2021 needs. Whether you're taking a hike up a mountain or showing off your dance moves at a festival, this fanny pack can do it all! This fanny pack is the perfect merge of practicality and style and brings you a high-quality bag with a fashionable design.

The trail fanny pack is made from water-resistant material and features an easy release buckle for easy use and ultimate functionality. You can store all of your precious items here, knowing that they will be safe! The overall storage capacity of this handy little pack is an impressive 5.5 liters and can be worn easily around your waist or over your shoulder.

The Super Duffel

Duffel bags are an essential part of any adventure, whether that be an overnight stay or a long road trip through another country. Our super duffel bag is the perfect size for shorter breaks or for hand luggage on a plane. The overall storage capacity of the duffel is 35.5 liters, so you will never need to worry about leaving anything behind!

The Canyon Rucksack

If there is one thing that we are sure of, it is that the best travel packs are those that could take you around the whole world whilst remaining light and easy to carry. The canyon rucksack is a perfect example of this and excellently combines a spacious interior with lightweight material and comfortable padded shoulder straps.

This bag could be great for college, too, with an interior laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve and accessory attachment points for everything that you may need throughout the day. The overall capacity of this fantastic accessory is 25 liters, which is certainly enough room for a good day out!

We use innovative design and industry-leading techniques to create the very best packs for everyday use. The above are just a handful of the brilliant products that we have to offer! You can check out our full range of items now to find the best bag for your 2021.

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